Alina Yu

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Alina is an IS junior with a creaky old body and spirit of a 6 year old. She is most known for bursting into strange noises, gross faces, and burping. Her goal in life is to touch everyone around her with the truth and love of Christ, whether it's through performing, schoolwork, or strange quirks.

Amanda Lee

2 Corinthians 12:9

Hello! I’m just a meme-loving leetle daughter of God who enjoys embarrassing her friends with strange dance moves and eats lots of good fewd. My hobbies are writing, analyzing movies and books, studying chemistry and medical science, running, and roasting people/being roasted. My life was changed by Christ when I was a sophomore in high school, and ever since, I hope that everything I do is centered in Him and for His glory. I am just a sinner in need of grace finding refuge in God’s love, finding joy in lifting up noise to Him (heh).

Andrew Kwon

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Korean; loves playing basketball, avocados, and drinking Rice Dream straight from the carton.

Benjamin Huang

Romans 8:28

Ben loves to sing. He was singing, is singing and will be singing. He is a baritone, but has sung in every other voice part before. He is also a man of few words.

Charlie Gu

Ephesians 2:8

Me? Don't worry about it.

Chenxiang Zhang

Psalm 23:6

Singing has been one of the only things Chen feels passionate about. Singing in an acapella group is a brand new experience for him, and he is looking forward to a wonderful musical experience with the JN family.

Chie Wach

Romans 12:9-21

Chie is a CW/P junior with a passion for freshness and authenticity-- in conversation, in sassy news editorials, in food. She will adore anyone/anything that can make her laugh or cry, (the former, please,) and is always looking for new music to fall in love with. Owns a weird amount of peacock paraphernalia (they're miracles of beauty) and drinks an abnormal amount of tea. Hmu to check out operas/concerts/art galleries/flea markets/any other affordable forms of pretension. (CW/P = creative writing and physics. obviously.)

Daniel Liu

Matthew 6:34

Has a knack for saying things like lmao and rip. Laughs at his own jokes. Spends more time gaming than most people would at a full time job.

Danny Cho

Matthew 28:18-20

Danny is a bass who enjoys the harmonizing with other people. He loves playing piano and drums. Being in the design major, he wants to create a product that saves people's lives to distribute in the countries in need of help.

Jackie Kang

Psalm 91:14-16

A recent grad from CMU and originally from the Los Angeles area, I'm now an Experience Designer at PNC! I love singing in shower (really anywhere), consuming desserts and spending time with friends (food is usually present) :) I'm a child of a good, loving, and perfect God who constantly teaches me of His love for me and His majesty over the universe.

Kevin Zhou

John 16:33

Kevin is the new old fart

Lucy Yu

John 16:33

Small in stature but bold in character, Lucy sees the world in flying colours. She is a firm believer that God created this world to be a beautiful place, so that we can see Him in the details. She can usually be found grooving to old-time jazz, admiring beautiful typography, or struggling in code. She resents cheese, but loves a good dose of cheesy humour.

Matthew Fang

John 3:16

You may see a big 6'1.5 ft Asian boy from Jersey, but the personality of a 5-year old permeates his soul. He likes going on spontaneous long runs, eating exotic Asian cuisine, and reading Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. Has aspirations to get a six-pack. And most importantly, he believes love and giving are the key to perpetual happiness :)

Morgan Morrison

2 Timothy 1:7

Morgan is a Junior studying psychology and music. She is a classically trained opera singer who likes Black Excellence, veggies, worship, dissonant chords, smiling, melodic speaking voices, and holding deep conversations.

Natalie Harmon

Philippians 4:4-8

I'm a 4th year Junior design student from the Los Angeles area. I love napping at any time of the day, eating soup in any weather and reading books for hours on end. I'm just an imperfect child of a perfect God who is learning more and more about His crazy, beautiful love.

Pierre St-Perez

Matthew 16:19

Pierre is an Ethics, History, and Public Policy Freshman who has been singing from a young age. He was a soprano back in those days, but that time is long gone. Nowadays, he's a tenor, who occasionally just sings his words when he should probably be speaking instead. Pierre is devoted to improving this world.

Rachel Motz

Jeremiah 29:11

Rachel is an undecided science first year excited to try new things! She loves singing and dancing and band and helping others and smiling and laughing and learning. May be seen with or without glasses and likely making a weird face without realizing it.

Shanice Lam

Jeremiah 29:11

Architecture. Golf. Art. Music. Animals. Fruits. Vegan Cookies. Granola!

Stephanie Tam

1 Corinthians 10:31

Stephanie is an Asian Hispanic freshman MechE student from Northern Jersey. Internally grooving to music 24/7. Her hobbies include: sleep, brunch, and dinner. Usually really shy, but trigger her to unleash the Latina within.