Alina Yu

2 Corinthians 12:9

i wrote a lot for my bio on the website my past 3 years but now that i am feared in jn there is no need to explain myself.

Andrew Kwon

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Korean; born-again; appreciator of desirable things.

Aurielle Barnett

Joshua 1:9

Freshman in CIT. Has a twin sister (no, we’re not identical). Loves anything yellow and remotely minion like. Hobbies include trying to figure out how to breakdance, binge watching anime, and singing in the shower.

Benjamin Huang

Romans 8:28

Ben loves to sing. He was singing, is singing and will be singing. He is a baritone, but has sung in every other voice part before. He is also a man of few words.

Charlie Gu

Ephesians 2:8

Me? Don't worry about it.

Chanyoung Park

Ephesians 4

My name is ChanYoung Park. I like food. If you want to know more, give me food. I'm a tenor.

Chenxiang Zhang

Psalm 23:6

Known for the loudest tenor in JN, Chen likes to learn how to sing better.

Chie Wach

Proverbs 4:23

Disciple. Senior. Alto, maybe. Beyond that - no idea.

Daniel Liu

Matthew 6:34

Has a knack for saying things like good stuff and yikes. Laughs at his own jokes. Spends more time gaming than most people would at a full time job.

Evan Fang

Matthew 6:33

Evan is a first year math major who enjoys playing basketball, taking long walks, and food.

Jackie Kang

Psalm 91:14-16

A recent grad from CMU and originally from the Los Angeles area, I'm now an Experience Designer at PNC! I love singing in shower (really anywhere), consuming desserts and spending time with friends (food is usually present) :) I'm a child of a good, loving, and perfect God who constantly teaches me of His love for me and His majesty over the universe.

Matthew Fang

John 15:2-6

Hi I'm Matt :D I may come off as a big and serious man, but I am a little child at heart. I love to consume sweet desserts, Bubble Tea, and exorbitant amounts of protein. To put those calories to good use, I will frequently lift, run outside until I cramp, and do Blogilates workouts. Even though I am an introvert at heart, I also like to engage in DMCs (Deep-Meaningful Conversations). Oh yeah, I'm also married...TO DA LORD HAHA.

Morgan Morrison

2 Timothy 1:7

Morgan is a Senior studying psychology and music. She is a classically trained opera singer who likes Black Excellence, veggies, worship, dissonant chords, smiling, melodic speaking voices, and holding deep conversations.

Noah Yeo

Joshua 1:9

Likes: God, dogs, chocolate, tonkatsu, memes. Dislikes: Vegetals, spooders, when you can't hear someone so you just say "yeah" and laugh and nod and they call you out on it

Rachel Motz

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Rachel is a sophomore biological chemistry major who loves singing and dancing and band and buggy, helping others and smiling and laughing and learning. May be seen with or without glasses and likely making a weird face without realizing it.

Shanice Lam

John 3:30

always spotted in studio. gets excited about dessert, good design, and meaningful conversations. loves Google Calendar, coffee with nondairy milk, and bright white lights. wants to use artistic gifts, unique personality, and brokenness to expand the Creator's kingdom. strives to fear God daily.

Victoria Ho

Romans 8:24-25

Victoria is a freshman from Boston and is studying neuroscience. As a choral singer, singing in an a cappella group will be a new and exciting experience for her! Some of her hobbies include singing (surprise!), doing jigsaw puzzles, flags, and modern languages. She is an avid Game of Thrones fan. In her free time, she enjoys watching cat videos, listening to a wide range of music, and reading. Loves to give people hugs.