Ashley Onuigbo

Isaiah 41:10 | Alto | Sophomore

I'm an average heighted, slighty funny, always tired person. I basically like anything that has to do with music (por ejemplo, K-Pop). I also really like Cane's, that is all.

Chenxiang Zhang

Psalm 23:6 | Tenor | Senior

Known for the loudest tenor in JN, Chen likes to learn how to sing better.

Daniel Min

Isaiah 60:1 | Tenor | Senior

I major in chemistry because I want to strenghen my chemistry with God. My name is Daniel and I'm funny.

Eddie Li

Matthew 6:31-32 | Baritone | Sophomore

Eddie is studying AI. He likes sleeping and says "this is true" a lot. Eddie also likes finding totally legit 100% guaranteed profit stock plays, but the only guaranteed investment is God :>

Evan Fang

Matthew 6:33 | Baritone | Junior

Evan is a math major who enjoys playing basketball, taking long walks, and food.

Jennifer Huang

Psalm 73:26 | Alto | Senior

Jennifer is a computer science major who wants to use what God has blessed her with to bless others. She loves making music, dancing, and deepening friendships.

Joshua Marucheck

Philippians 4:13 | Baritone | Freshman

Joshua studies computer science. He likes to read manga and draw in his free time.

Kimberly Lo

1 Corinthians 16:14 | Soprano | Senior

appreciates boba, foodie adventures, concerts, black mirror, + more :)

Len Huang

1 Corinthians 10:31 | Bass | Sophomore

Hey, I’m Len (SCS ‘23) and I’m a big dude with a bigger heart ;) You can likely find me falling behind in my classes, exercising with friends, or playing guitar.

Matthew Fang

John 15:2-6 | Bass | Senior

Hi I'm Matt :D I may come off as a big and serious man, but I am a little child at heart. I love to consume sweet desserts, Bubble Tea, and exorbitant amounts of protein. To put those calories to good use, I will frequently lift, run outside until I cramp, and do Blogilates workouts. Even though I am an introvert at heart, I also like to engage in DMCs (Deep-Meaningful Conversations). Oh yeah, I'm also married...TO DA LORD HAHA.

Rachel Motz

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 | Soprano | Senior

Rachel is a biological chemistry major who loves singing and dancing and band and buggy, helping others and smiling and laughing and learning. May be seen with or without glasses and likely making a weird face without realizing it.

Shanice Lam

John 3:30 | Alto | Senior

always spotted in studio. gets excited about dessert, good design, and meaningful conversations. loves Google Calendar, coffee with nondairy milk, and bright white lights. wants to use artistic gifts, unique personality, and brokenness to expand the Creator's kingdom. strives to fear God daily.

Thomas Li

Psalm 116:1-2 | Bass | Freshman

I enjoy reading, playing video games, and all kinds of music. I think Spider-Man should wear a cape and that either milk or cereal can be poured first.